Becoming an exemplary citizen, both online and offline, requires the development of several character traits.  After much research, there are three character traits that stand out to as I learn how to establish myself in the digital community:

  • Proper Online Etiquette
  • Respect Others
  • Keep Private Things Private

Proper Online Etiquette

Proper online etiquette is the most basic characteristic in becoming a exemplary digital citizen. Basic examples of proper online etiquette can include:

  • Writing what you mean
  • Using proper grammar and formatting
  • Giving credit where credit is due
  • Contributing to the online conversation

Respect Others

Respecting others might seem obvious, but it’s a character trait that I feel is very important. In my classroom, it’s the “Golden Rule”. The digital community gives us a wealth of knowledge and opinions. I believe that it’s extremely important that we use the digital community as a “sound board” instead of a platform for arguments and arrogance. The wonderful thing about the world we live in is that we all have different beliefs and opinions. It’s important that we value our differences and respect each others opinions. Ways we can do that are:


  • Be careful of informal tone
  • Avoid public ridicule of others
  • Allow others a voice
  • Only say online what you would also say in person


Keep Private Things Private

As a professional, an educator, and an overall private person, I think it is very important to keep private things private. Of course, sharing information about yourself gives readers the chance to get to know more about you as a person, instead of just a digital presence. However, there is certain information that I believe shouldn’t be shared. This information can include:

  • Passwords
  • Addresses
  • Inappropriate images

These characteristics are worthy of recognizing and emulating because, although they might seem like common sense, they are characteristics that tend to be overlooked regularly. It’s important that we become well-rounded digital citizens.

Musically Yours,
Jessica Simmons


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