This Is Very New..

I’m a musician. I’m a creator. I’m a thinker. I’m a planner.
I’m not a writer. I’m not a blogger. This is a very new world to me.
I’m nervous (but excited!) about joining the blogging community. Knowing that my professional thoughts and ideas are going to be accessed around the world is a lot of pressure to me I’ve written “blogs” in the past – usually the ramblings of a bored fourteen-year-old band nerd (we don’t mind that term usually :). This will be a very different experience for me. As a second year teacher, my hope is that I develop (or begin to develop) my true professional voice. A voice that I can use both in my  band room and begin to use in my blog!
I’m excited about exploring this new community and learning from those who have been through similar situations in their classrooms. I also look forward to growing from this experience – I don’t know where blogging is going to take me, but I can’t wait to get there!
Musically Yours,
J. Simmons

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